What Kind of T-Shirts Are in Style?

What Kind of T-Shirts Are in Style?

Perhaps the most significant staple of any man’s wardrobe is the modest T-shirt. Quick, trendy, and iconic, without one, you would be hard-pressed to find a closet. The quintessential object has, and with good reason, stood the test of time. For many great outfits, or as a statement on its own, the extremely versatile piece can be worn as a base layer. But with so much heavy lifting to do, in a variety of different cuts and types, it is important to have a collection of good quality tees. Here are the critical types of T-shirts every man should own; for with a solid base, every great wardrobe begins.

1. Plain cotton T-Shirt

A plain T-shirt is the most important T-shirt to have in your arsenal. You would be foolish, however quick, to underestimate its ability to lift any outfit; think of James Dean in a plain white tee. Originating as an undergarment for military men, the simple plain cotton T-shirt has transcended all trends and seasons and still appears frequently on runways around the world. The plain tee is virtually impossible to get wrong, whether done up with a suit jacket or worn simply with jeans.

2. Plain round Long sleeve t-shirt

Thanks to its versatility, a plain round long-sleeve T-shirt is a must-have. Wear it on extra cold days or alone during those transition months as a base coat. Pair it for a relaxed everyday look with jeans or chinos, or add a French tuck for an elevated theme. The options are limitless, so play with your style strengths when picking a long sleeve shirt, oversized or tailored, neutral, striped or printed.

3. Printed solo t-Shirt 

An efficient means of making a message is a printed solo T-shirt. The printed T-shirt can be as loud or as subtle as you want, whether it is to help your favorite label or band, to make a political statement, or as a means of self-expression. They can also be a simple way for your outfit to add a splash of color and to attract attention in your direction. So whatever it is you want to say, say it with a tee written on it.

4. Striped polo t-shirt

The striped tee, which originated in the French navy as a uniform, will forever be quite chic. A striped polo T-shirt is an ideal choice to brighten up an ensemble tastefully when printed tees are a little too loud for your taste. Go for a basic Breton stripe in navy, black, or red for a timeless look. A bolder argument would allow for thicker lines and contrasting colors. To enjoy this look all year round, add a long and short sleeve combination to your wardrobe.

5. Lastly, Select the Best COLOR of your t-shirt

At least a few of the basics you can own: white, black, gray, and navy.

  1. White- Extends all skin colors. Your wardrobe should include a traditional white t-shirt. Try to wash your white clothing all the time. Don’t use other colors to mix.
  1. Grey- a mixture of different shades, virtually improves the shape of your body. Look out for marks of sweat that are readily apparent in dark colors.
  1. Black- Another flexible color choice, with most outfit variations, black pairs well. The color appears to fade easily, however, and can be a little serious throughout the day.
  1. Navy blue- is a better choice than black, which is more appropriate during the day and perfect when paired with denim to build tonal looks.
  1. Other colors- The best way to play with colors is possibly a t-shirt. Greens, reds, purples, and blues are excellent under a cardigan or worn on their own to produce a splash of color. Make sure your skin tone does not contrast with the color of the t-shirt.


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